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My predictions for the NFL season by division

AFC EAST                                            AFC Central                                           AFC South                                     AFC WEST

1. Patriots 13-3                                    Cleveland 11-5                                    Indianapolis 12-4                         San Diego 11-5

2. Jets 9-7                                             Pittsburgh 10-6                                   Jacksonville 10-6                          Denver      9-7

3. Bills 6-10                                          Cincinatti   8-8                                      Houston 7-9                                   Kansas City 6-10

4. Dolphins 4-12                                  Baltimore 4-12                                     Tennessee 6-10                           Oakland 4-12


NFC EAST                                      NFC North                                                   NFC South                                     NFC West

1. Dallas 11-5                                1. Minnesota 10-6                                     1. New Orleans 11-5                    1. Arizona 10-6

2. Philadephia 10-6                       2. Green Bay 8-8                                       2. Tampa Bay 9-7                         2. Seattle  9-7

3. N.Y Giants 9-7                            3. Detroit  6-10                                           3. Carolina  7-9                             3. San Francisco  6-10

4. Washington Redskins 7-9       4. Chicago 5-11                                        4. Atlanta 3-13                               4. St Louis 5-11


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my top 25 fantasy players by position

Hey just want to give my input on the top 25 at each position on offense in my opinion for this fantasy football season

QB                                                     RB                                                                WR                                                    TE



1. Tom Brady                                Ladanian Tomlinson                                Randy Moss                                    Jason Witten

2. Drew Brees                              Adrian Peterson                                         Reggie Wayne                               Antonio Gates

3. Tony Romo                               Brian Westbrook                                       Terrell Owens                                Kellen Winslow

4. Peyton Manning                       Steven Jackson                                         Braylon Edwards                          Jeremy Shockey

5. Derek Anderson                       Joseph Addai                                            Marques Colston                           Chris Cooley

6. Ben Roethlisberger                 Marion Barber                                            Larry Fitzgerald                             Dallas Clark

7. Carson Palmer                         Clinton Portis                                             Andre Johnson                             Tony Gonzalez

8. Donovan McNabb                     Frank Gore                                                  Chad Johnson                             L.J Smith

9.David Garrard                            Larry Johnson                                              T.J Houshmandzadeh               Todd Heap

10. Matt Hasselbeck                    Marshawn Lynch                                        Wes Welker                                  Heath Miller

11. Marc Bulger                             Brandon Jacobs                                         Plaxico Burress                           Vernon Davis

12. Eli Manning                              Jamal Lewis                                               Roy Williams                                 Greg Olsen

13. Jake Delhomme                      Ryan Grant                                                Torry Holt                                         Alge Crumpler

14. Jason Campbell                      Maurice Jones Drew                               Steve Smith                                    Owen Daniels

15. Jay Cutler                                   Willie Parker                                             Anquan Boldin                               Benjamin Watson

16. Jon Kitna                                    Earnest Graham                                      Santonio Holmes                         Leonard Pope

17. Aaron Rodgers                         Willis McGahee                                        Calvin Johnson                               Donald Lee

18. Phillip Rivers                             Reggie Bush                                            Marvin Harrison                             Tony Scheffler

19. Matt Leinart                               Laurence Maroney                                    Greg Jennings                              Randy Mcmichael

20. Matt Schaub                              Michael Turner                                          Dwyane Bowe                                Jeff King

21. Vince Young                              Ronnie Brown                                           Lee Evans                                      Kevin Boss

22. Jeff Garcia                                  Michael Turner                                          Chris Chambers                           Zach Miller

23. Brett Favre                                  Rudi Johnson                                            Kevin Curtis                                  Anthony Fasano

24. Trent Edwards                          Edgerrin James                                        Roddy White                                   John Carlson

25. JaMarcus Russell                    Darren McFadden                                     Hines Ward                                     Desmond Clark

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My BCS predictions

Well I am very bored right now and want to give my input on the BCS games for this coming year. So here it goes

Rose Bowl- Ohio State vs. Mizzou. Very intriguing matchup but this year when OSU loses I dont think the polls will show them any love. That will lead to them only winning the big 10 and going to the Rose Bowl. Mizzou will be solid and very well may win the Big 12 or make the NC game, but I think they will lose in the Big 12 champ game to OU which puts them here. Final score- OSU 31 Mizzou 21

Fiesta Bowl- Oklahoma vs. BYU In what should be a blowout, I expect these teams to meet up here for a simple reason. OU is going to be a ridiculously talented team on both sides of the ball and if I had a 3rd team to put in the title game it would be them. They dont play Mizzou which is just another key for them to make the title game. Also their out of conference schedule doesnt really scare them. BYU on the other hand will get in because they are going to start out ranked 17 and all they need to do is be in the top 12. This team is going to beat Washington and UCLA and run through their conference. Expect this to be a little closer than the Georgia Hawaii game but not much. Same story same type of score. Final Score Oklahoma 38 BYU 17

Sugar Bowl- Georgia vs. Wisconsin In this game, you will see Georgia who will win the SEC against Wisconsin. Even with the recent injury to Trinton Sturdivant, I expect Georgia to be another incredible team who can easily make a run at the title game. But being in the SEC, although it gives them more leeway in case something like last year happens, I believe they will eventually choke in one game. They have to play Tennessee Auburn South Carolina Arizona State LSU and a UF team looking for revenge. That is way too tough to put them into my NC game. Wisconsin is my iffy pick in which I had to pick them by default. I do not respect Big 10 football outside of OSU much, but still Wisconsin has a chance to make a statement and I believe they will. The team does need a QB to step up but in this year so many major teams will. This team has always been known for great running backs leading up the pass anyways so they should be fine. They will have a stretch of games against Fresno State Michigan Ohio State and Penn State. I expect them only to lose to OSU and even then that is a home game so who knows. As long as they take 3 of those 4 I think this can be their BCS year. However they will lose. Final score Georgia 30 Wisconsin 17

Orange Bowl Virginia Tech vs. Florida Yes I know Virginia Tech lost so much talent on both sides of the ball, and yes I know Clemson should be very good, but dont you think Virginia Tech has dealt with losing talent before. That's because they reload it every year. This defense will still be ridiculous without Adibi and Flowers. Getting Victor Harris back will just be a bonus to an already dominating defense. The thing that makes me put them here is that they practically have a free pass to the ACC championship game. Only FSU can challenge Va tech out of their 3 games from the Atlantic Division and even then no other Coastal team can beat them. With that free pass I expect them to beat Clemson Wake or FSU in the ACC champ game. UF is a tough team to put here since I already have one from the SEC East, but I honestly can only see UF and UGA losing one game a pop. I think that has to be enough to put them in the Orange bowl and going against Va Tech Id expect UF to have an easy time. Final Score UF 28 Va Tech 17

BCS National Championship Game USC vs. WVU People the year is finally here for WVU and USC is the best team this year. West Virginia got snubbed last year after choking against Pitt in their final game, but this year I have to say I see them running the table. This team plays up to their level of competition in which you have seen in their two recent BCS bowls against Georgia and OU. Because of that I have to say I think they will beat Auburn in the middle of the year when they meet. Their defense is never strong but they always seem to show up in BCS bowls. I know this is reaching but Im going to say they will finally run the table because outside of Auburn not many other games worry me for WVU. USC is one word... dominant. I really don't know where to start. the offense will be great with an amazing set of running backs and an always spectacular offensive line to protect their new quarterback. The wide receiver position can worry some but the talent of Joe Mcknight will just open so much up that it doesnt even matter. The defense is where I cant see this team losing. The linebackers are not going to give an inch to any team trying to run the ball. Rey Maualaga is a manbeast flat out. Brian Cushing will also stuff anything. Teams are going to have nightmares from this defense and with Joe Mcknight returning I expect the special teams to be special. Final Score USC 38 WVU 21

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